Ionic Zinc

What is Ionic Zinc?

Liquid Ionic Zinc concentrate for fast efficient absorption, enhances the immune system increasing T-cells, B-cells and natural Killer cell activity, HIV and AIDS suppression.

Liquid Nano Zinc in Ionic Form supplement addresses the zinc deficiencies of the human body. As it is in the Ionic state it is 100% available for fast and efficient absorption. This is especially critical for the elderly because they have a difficult time absorbing zinc. The ionic state means it gets into the cell structure without the need of being processed by the digestive system. Other forms of zinc are not easily digested, typically 10% - 15% is absorbed and the rest is eliminated from the body through normal bowel processes.

Zinc is an immune booster helping to suppress cold and flu symptoms. It has also been clinically proven to increase T-cell, B-cell and Natural Killer cell activity. Because it is easily absorbed, along with the zinc-vitamin C bond, Ionic Zinc has the ability to ward off and even reduce the amount of time a person would have to put up with a cold.

A strong immunity is like having an extra boost to your health. Ionic Zinc should be used on a regular basis to maintain better health in both the young and the older alike.

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Directions for Use

3 x 1/2 droppers in pure water daily