Learn our story and discover the multitude of health benefits Magnesium supplement products could unlock for you!

Born in Ipswich, Queensland and raised on farmland on the outskirts of Queensland, my first career was in the meatworks industry and then I moved to rural Queensland seeking a country lifestyle.

I became a ringer (stockman) working on large cattle stations in rural Queensland. The lifestyle meant that we worked hard and played even harder. I certainly enjoyed the single life with the only socialising opportunities after work revolving around the pubs in town or events such as rodeos and gymkhanas.

It was whilst I was participating in an event at a rodeo that I had an accident that would change the whole direction of my life. I suffered a permanent and debilitating injury to my ankle – pulling the tallus bone. At the time, the doctors suggested fusing the bone as a solution but at the cost of limiting my mobility – effectively leaving me disabled. Being a very active person in both my career and lifestyle this was a huge setback.

On a daily basis as a result of the injury, I was in pain 24 hours, 7 days a week. I was still somehow going to work but pain affected my every waking and sleeping thought. I knew that I simply could not keep eating painkillers by the handful. It was literally killing my body.

My body started to break down literally, the right ankle deteriorated to the point that my left hip then started to compensate for the way that I was walking. So the combination of pharmaceutical drugs and deterioration meant that my quality of life was non-existent.

So, I made a decision then to look for ways to manage my pain.

This was the beginning of a journey of massive self discovery – emotionally, physically and spiritually. I researched, went on courses, discovered meditation and learnt so much about alternative, natural health solutions. For the first time in my life I was seeing and taking responsibility for my wellbeing and NOT putting it in the hands of the pharmaceutical companies.

At a small market in Toowoomba one day, I came across these Magnesium Products. I bought a sample of just about everything that was offered at the little stall. Within 4-5 days I saw a noticeable improvement in my pain levels. It was a miraculous life changing moment for me.

It was then that I knew anybody that was suffering in pain should have access to these products and was the beginning of a new and unexpected career.

I share my story to give you hope and empowerment that you can take responsibility and manage your condition. I am just a regular Aussie country bloke that is passionate about finding the truth, seeking knowledge and I am passionate about the difference these products can make in peoples’ lives.

Please call me if you have any questions, I would love to help you.

Yours in good health,
Tony Pettitt