Magnesium Transdermal Body Oil
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What is Magnesium Transdermal Body Oil?

For a natural solution, Magnesium Body Oil is a clever way to up your magnesium intake.

Magnesium transdermal oil is derived from natural condensed seawater and contains a multitude of beautiful dissolved trace minerals and elements. This oil feels like a brine due to the viscosity and saturation of these trace minerals and elements.

Directions For Use

We recommend pouring 30mL or more of magnesium oil in a tub of (or a foot soak) of warm-hot water for a pleasurable 30min sea bath to help support relief from muscle aches and pain, daily stress and to support a feeling of wellness. Great for skin, so use it as a massage lotion.

Use Caution

Avoid direct contact with eyes and sensitive mucous membranes as you would with any sea salt solution. You may experience a slight temporary stinging sensation, this is just the magnesium soaking into your skin, it will disappear in about ten minutes.

Ingredient List

Condensed seawater, magnesium chloride, potassium chloride, sodium chloride, selenium, boron, and other trace elements of seawater. (Approx. 3502mg  of magnesium chloride per 5mL).